The importance of nutrition and exercise

Anita Albrecht, Personal Trainer

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Anita Albrecht is a truly multi-talented woman. She is a Personal Trainer, a Nutrition Advisor, a Miss Galaxy Girl, a TV Presenter, a Natural BodyBuilding Champion AND the Founder of A.P.T Studio. On top of all this, she found the time to compete in a charity boxing match for UK Military Charity ‘Help The Heroes’ in 2011.

Back in 2003, something significant happened in Anita’s life which made her want a complete change of direction. So, she decided to take up personal training full-time to inspire others to reach their goals.

Anita 8

Anita’s Before and After Body Transformation

The Importance of Nutrition…

Anita says that in order to achieve the best results for your body, you must take into account your exercise and eating habits. She looks at 10-14 days of her client’s food diary; analyses it and looks at what they are missing. Anita advises them on portion size, and encourages them to eat plenty of lean protein, vegetables and water each day. Keep reading to find out what Anita’s top 3 nutrition tips are…

People shouldn’t just stick to three meals a day…

In order to keep our blood sugar levels stable, we should eat small snacks throughout the day alongside our main three meals. Anita advises her clients to EAT CLEAN six days a week. This means eating healthily and in moderation.

Anita 4

Don’t focus on the scales!

It’s much healthier to focus on what we see in the mirror rather than what we see on the scales. In order to move away from obsessing about weight, Anita gets her clients to focus on their body composition. She does this by taking individual measurements of different parts of the body using calipers.

This involves taking skin folds from parts of the body and using weight as a means of calculation to work out their fat mass, lean mass and body fat percentage.

‘Help For Heroes’ Boxing Match…

Anita started boxing training on and off for a year when she was 17 years old. She always liked the feel of boxing and so later on in her life, she decided to take part in a charity boxing fight in 2011, for ‘Help For Heroes’. She said it was certainly a challenge but something which she really enjoyed, especially as it was for such a worthwhile cause.

Anita’s thoughts on Boxing…

Once you learn the proper techniques you get to see the beauty of the sport. People often see it as a violent sport as opposed to something that is fantastic for your body. It’s great for training and great for self defence. It’s also not about how hard you can punch, it’s about getting the techniques right.

Take a listen to Anita’s Top 3 Nutrition Tips…


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